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Quality assurance

Besides GB16897, all products are in line with requirements of FMVSS NO.106 Brake Hose for Motorcycles, SAE J1401 and JIS D2601, and also the company can develop different products according to customer demands.
All staff can receive regular trainings to improve their qualities and well ensure product quality. In addition, our powerful R&D and test team, perfect R&D and test equipment for all-around inspections of new products or products before, during or after volume production can ensure 100% pass rate.
Electronic Tension Tester Explosion and Expansion Test Stand
Low Temperature Test Box Ozone Box
Room-temperature Bending Fatigue Tester High or Low Temperature Bending Fatigue Tester
Rubber Fatigue Tester Double-headed Quick Slicing Machine
Rubber Flat Vulcanizing Machine Hardness Tester
Impact Elasticity Tester Salt-spray Tester
Expansion Tester Non-rotor Vulcameter
Sheet Punching Machine  
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